"We eat, sleep and breathe mobile apps. Kumulos is the system that helps businesses across the globe deliver success from mobile apps. We understand better than anyone your challenges, your pains, your anxieties as well as how important it is to drive commercial success from your mobile apps. We see it as our mission to make your work life better. Strong words! But we walk the talk and have done so since we got going back in 2011.

"We are the mobile marketing platform of choice for professionals across a wide range of industries. They all have one thing in common. They want their mobile apps to deliver more. With Kumulos they easily build, run, measure and refine their mobile app messaging campaigns. So they are smart about how they engage their users, always sending the right message, to the right person, at exactly the time they are most wanting to hear from them. What’s more our range of services means that they have a complete view of how well the app is performing both technically and commercially. So their finger is firmly on the pulse of their app and are fully in control.

"Kumulos isn’t like any other mobile app messaging platform out there. We are proud to be different. Proud to give our customers more, so they have the technology to then deliver more from their mobile apps. Whether the apps are there to maximize customer loyalty, drive fan engagement, improve adherence to medical trials or increase footfall to retail outlets, we have it covered.

"Our platform gives you all the power and precision you need to engage your mobile app users, keep them using your app, so you deliver mobile app success."


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Last modified 16 May 2020