"One of Syncano’s serverless platform’s core concepts is the standardized backend building blocks which we call Syncano Sockets. A Syncano Socket has one single and clear purpose —whether it’s to send an email, translate a text file, or analyze a web page. A Syncano Socket can be connected to any other Syncano Sockets, similar to how LEGOs work. Combining Syncano Sockets removes the hurdle of building pre-existing code on your own, enabling you to assemble ready made backends at lightning speed. Publicly available Syncano Sockets can be found in the Public Syncano Socket Registry, and are licensed under the MIT License. Can’t find what you’re looking for in the Public Registry? Simply create your own Syncano Sockets in your very own Private Registry. Once you build your own custom made Syncano Sockets, they are automatically placed into your own Private Socket Registry that only you and your team have access to. Want to share your Sockets with the community? Simply use the Automation SDK and remove the private flag, and they’re now in the Public Socket Registry. Don’t have the bandwidth to build your own but need something immediately? Find developers to build Syncano Sockets for you in the Syncano Socket Marketplace."


Tags: cloud   backend   nodejs  

Last modified 22 May 2020