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Our goal is for ECSY to be a lightweight, simple, and performant ECS library that can be easily extended and encoruages open source collaboration.

ECSY will not ship with features that bind it to a rendering engine or framework. Instead, we encourage the community to build framework specific projects like ecsy-three, ecsy-babylon, and ecsy-two.

ECSY does not adhere strictly to "pure ECS design". We focus on APIs that push users towards good ECS design like putting their logic in systems and data in components. However, we will sometimes break the rules for API ergonomics, performance in a JS context, or integration with non-ECS frameworks.

ECSY is designed for a community driven ecosystem. We encourage users to come up with modular components and systems that can be composed into larger games, apps, and engines.

Tags: gamedev   ecmascript   browser  

Last modified 21 June 2021