Java game development framework that provides a unified API that works across all supported platforms.

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Prominent personages

TEttinger: gdx-liftoff | raeleus: skin-composer | czyzby: gdx-setup


This site has a bunch of skins, and links to how to use skins in general.


[LibKTX] Kotlin extensions for LibGDX games/apps.

Support libraries/packages

VisUI UI skin

libGDX-graph: Support for 2d/3d graphics for those who aren't good at them

libGDX freetype skin: Asset management extended to allow you to specify TTF fonts right in the uiskin.json file.

skin-composer: Create skins for LibGDX scene2d.ui with a graphical interface.

HyperLap2D: A powerful, platform-independent, visual editor for complex 2D worlds and scenes.

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Last modified 13 June 2021