Language is strongly object-like (C++-like) in syntax, but with declarative overtones and implementation rules hiding underneath.

#include <adv3.h>
#include <en_us.h>

gameMain: GameMainDef
    initialPlayerChar = me

versionInfo: GameID
    name = 'My First Game'
    byline = 'by Bob Author'
    authorEmail = 'Bob Author <>'
    desc = 'This is an example of how to start a new game project. '
    version = '1'
    IFID = 'b8563851-6257-77c3-04ee-278ceaeb48ac'

firstRoom: Room 'Starting Room'
    "This is the boring starting room."

+me: Actor

Virtual machine implementation is a bytecode stack-based machine.

Tags: gamedev   language   vm   interactive fiction  

Last modified 10 May 2022