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It’s mainly influenced by languages such as C++, Ada, Lisp etc., and features extremely fast compilation, inline assembler, large set of integrated functions, powerful module concept, flexible type-system, quoted expressions, immediate and typed lists, parametric and object polymorphism, exception handling, inheritance, data-hiding, methods, multiple return values, default arguments, register allocation, fast memory management, unification, LISP-Cells, macro-preprocessing, a very powerful source-level debugger, gui-toolkit, library linker, and then some.

Amiga E is a programming language and compiler I started creating for the Amiga in ‘91, released publicly in ‘93, commercially in ‘94, and released as open source in ‘97. It was most similar to C++, in the sense that it was fast and weakly typed, and had a rich set of features from procedural, object oriented and functional programming languages.

I wrote the entire thing in assembly language, which will always persist in my mind as the craziest software engineering exercise I have ever gone through (400kb of mostly uncommented assembly in a single source file, for a complex compiler).

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Last modified 26 May 2024