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Hunt the Wumpus, in Avail:

Public method "Play Wump the Wumpus with reader_with reporter_" is
    reader : []→string,
    writer : [string]→⊤
    /* Set up the game's I/O. */
    Wump the Wumpus reader := reader;
    Wump the Wumpus reporter := writer;
    /* Create a new game. All references to game objects within the block are
     * implicitly understood as relative to this new game.
    newGame ::= a game of Wump the Wumpus;
    Use newGame as the implied game and do
        Look around, having just entered;
        Until the game is over, do
            Give the agent a turn;
            Give the first swarm a turn;
            Give the second swarm a turn;
            Give the wumpus a turn;
        If the agent is alive then
            If the wumpus is dead then [Report victory;]
            else [Report cowardice;];
        else [Report defeat;];
] : ⊤;

Tags: language   jvm  

Last modified 24 August 2021