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Hello, world. A Ballerina application can have:

Both of these are considered as entry points for program execution.


import ballerina/http;

# A service representing a network-accessible API
# bound to port `9090`.
service /hello on new http:Listener(9090) {

    # A resource representing an invokable API method
    # accessible at `/hello/sayHello`.
    # + return - A string payload which eventually becomes 
    #            the payload of the response
    resource function get sayHello() returns string {
        return "Hello Ballerina!";

Run it:

$ bal run hello_service.bal
Compiling source

Running executable

[ballerina/http] started HTTP/WS listener

Or, build it into a JAR:

$ bal build -o my_first_service.jar hello_service.bal
Compiling source

Generating executable

$ bal run my_first_service.jar
[ballerina/http] started HTTP/WS listener


Either approach, hit it from curl:

$ curl http://localhost:9090/hello/sayHello
Hello Ballerina!

... or build a Ballerina client:

import ballerina/http;
import ballerina/io;

public function main() returns @tainted error? {
    // Add the relevant endpoint URL to perform the invocation.
    http:Client helloClient = check new("http://localhost:9090/hello");

    // Perform a `GET` request to the `hello` service. If successful, 
    // the remote call would return an `http:Response` or the payload 
    // (if the `targetType` defaultable parameter is configured).
    // Otherwise an `error` on failure.
    http:Response helloResp = check helloClient->get("/sayHello");

    // Retrieve the payload as a `string` and print it if the 
    // response of the remote call is successful.
    io:println(check helloResp.getTextPayload());
$ bal run hello_client.bal
Hello Ballerina!

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Last modified 21 December 2022