Website | Source | Runtime source (a regularly updated fork of the dotnet/runtime repo that contains non-upstreamable bflat-specific changes and produces compiler and runtime binaries that this repo consumes.)

bflat is a concoction of Roslyn - the "official" C# compiler that produces .NET executables - and NativeAOT (née CoreRT) - the ahead of time compiler for .NET based on CoreCLR. Thanks to this, you get access to the latest C# features using the high performance CoreCLR GC and native code generator (RyuJIT).

bflat merges the two components together into a single ahead of time crosscompiler and runtime for C#.

bflat can currently target:

Support for musl-based Linux is in the works.

bflat can either produce native executables, or native shared libraries that can be called from other languages through FFI.

Tags: language   native   clr   object  

Last modified 03 January 2023