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Nemerle is a high-level statically-typed programming language for the .NET platform. It offers functional, object-oriented and imperative features. It has a simple C#-like syntax and a powerful meta-programming system.

Features that come from the functional land are variants, pattern matching, type inference and parameter polymorphism (aka generics). The meta-programming system allows great compiler extensibility, embedding domain specific languages, partial evaluation and aspect-oriented programming.

Supported paradigms: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Functional Programming (FP), Metaprogramming (MP), Component-Oriented Programming (COP), DSL-Oriented Programming (DOP) or Language Oriented Programming (LOP).

Type system: static typing, strong typing, inferred, nominal.

Influenced by: C# (OOP & Imperative support), ML (FP support), Lisp (macros support).

Supported Platforms: CLI (.Net & Mono).


Create hello.n:

using System.Console;

WriteLine("Hello world")

Tags: language   clr   object   functional   metaobject  

Last modified 06 May 2021