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Scheme Reports web site: Where standardization discussions happen.

The Internet Scheme Repository: A good source of links, code, and documentation for scheme.

Schemers.org: A list of Scheme resources including documentation, software, communities, jobs, and events.

MIT's Scheme home page: Not quite as extensive as the Scheme Repository or Schemers.org.

Scheme Requests for Implementation: Contains proposals for a number of Scheme extensions. Many of these tend to exist in one form or the other in a lot of the different Schemes, but can have wildly different interfaces. The SRFI process is essentially aimed at making these non-standard features more standard, without actually being standard (see also: obfuscated). Guile 1.8 implements a large number of SRFIs.

Greg Badros' Scheme Lecture Notes: A set of slides that touch on a variety of subjects related to scheme programing, including samples of similar code written in C and scheme, lambda calculus, and lists.

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Last modified 21 December 2022