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Local install: pip install lmql; also requires NodeJS 14.20+


def meaning_of_life():
    # top-level strings are prompts
    "Q: What is the answer to life, the \
     universe and everything?"

    # generation via (constrained) variables
    "A: [ANSWER]" where \
        len(ANSWER) < 120 and STOPS_AT(ANSWER, ".")

    # results are directly accessible
    print("LLM returned", ANSWER)

    # use typed variables for guaranteed 
    # output format
    "The answer is [NUM: int]"

    # query programs are just functions 
    return NUM

# so from Python, you can just do this
meaning_of_life() # 42

Tags: language   ai   llm  

Last modified 22 January 2024