"Newspeak is an object-capability programming platform that lets you develop code in your web browser. The entire Newspeak IDE runs locally in the browser. It will run on desktop, tablet or phone. ... Like Self, Newspeak is message-based; all names are dynamically bound. However, like Smalltalk, Newspeak uses classes rather than prototypes. As in Beta, classes may nest. Because class names are late bound, all classes are virtual, every class can act as a mixin, and class hierarchy inheritance falls out automatically. Top level classes are essentially self contained parametric namespaces, and serve to define component style modules, which naturally define sandboxes in an object-capability style. Newspeak was deliberately designed as a principled dynamically typed language. We plan to evolve the language to support pluggable types."

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Current prototype is based on Squeak. Update: seems to be moving to support JS-based environments (a la an Electron app).

Tags: language   platform   vm   object   functional   object capability  

Last modified 12 April 2021