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Taxi allows you to be really expressive about what the meaning is of data returned from an API. By describing the meaning of our data, we can start to make data interchangable.

For example:

model Customer {
   id : CustomerId inherits String
   firstName : FirstName inherits String
   lastName : LastName inherits String

model Invoice {
   invoiceId : InvoiceId inherits Int
   customerId : CustomerId

Those Strings now have a little more meaning. And look - we now know that Invoice.customerId and describe the same piece of information - a CustomerId.

By building out this set of terms - we create a Taxonomy of interchangable types. This allows us to better document how data is intended to be used. Tooling such as Vyne can leverage this to link and discover data automatically, and automate API integration.

@HttpOperation(method = "GET", url = "http://myApp/customers/{id}")
operation getPerson(id: CustomerId):Customer

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Last modified 18 April 2022