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Claims a "new" frontend architecture called Islands:

"The term “component island” was first coined by Etsy’s frontend architect Katie Sylor-Miller in 2019. This idea was then expanded on and documented in this post by Preact creator Jason Miller on August 11, 2020.

The general idea of an “Islands” architecture is deceptively simple: render HTML pages on the server, and inject placeholders or slots around highly dynamic regions […] that can then be “hydrated” on the client into small self-contained widgets, reusing their server-rendered initial HTML.
— Jason Miller, Creator of Preact

"The technique that this architectural pattern builds on is also known as partial or selective hydration.

"In contrast, most JavaScript-based web frameworks hydrate & render an entire website as one large JavaScript application (also known as a single-page application, or SPA). SPAs provide simplicity and power but suffer from page-load performance problems due to heavy client-side JavaScript usage.

"SPAs have their place, even embedded inside an Astro page. But, SPAs lack the native ability to selectively and strategically hydrate, making them a heavy-handed choice for most projects on the web today.

"Astro became popular as the first mainstream JavaScript web framework with selective hydration built-in, using that component islands pattern first coined by Sylor-Miller."

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Last modified 08 March 2024