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Create web-based user interfaces with Python. "The nice way."

NiceGUI is an easy-to-use, Python-based UI framework, which shows up in your web browser. You can create buttons, dialogs, Markdown, 3D scenes, plots and much more.

It is great for micro web apps, dashboards, robotics projects, smart home solutions and similar use cases. You can also use it in development, for example when tweaking/configuring a machine learning algorithm or tuning motor controllers.


python3 -m pip install nicegui


Write your nice GUI in a file

from nicegui import ui

ui.label('Hello NiceGUI!')
ui.button('BUTTON', on_click=lambda: ui.notify('button was pressed'))

Launch it with:


The GUI is now available through http://localhost:8080/ in your browser. Note: NiceGUI will automatically reload the page when you modify the code.

Tags: presentation   library   python   browser  

Last modified 11 May 2024