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Preface: The Condensed Guide to Running Meetings

Section 1: Prepare

Chapter 1: Do You Really Need to Hold That Meeting?

Chapter 2: Stop Calling Every Conversation a "Meeting"

Chapter 3: If Yuo Can't Say What Your Meeting Will Accomplish, You Shouldn't Have It

Chapter 4: How to Design an Agenda for an Effective Meeting

Chapter 5: The Key to Shorter, Better Meetings

Chapter 6: The 50-Minute Meeting

Chapter 7: The Magic of 30-Minute Meetings

Chapter 8: Meetings Need a Shot Clock

Chapter 9: Are There Too Many People in Your Meeting?

Section 2: Conduct

Chapter 10: Before a Meeting, Tell Your Team That Silence Denotes Agreement

Chapter 11: Establish Ground Rules

Chapter 12: Reach Group Decisions During Meetings

Chapter 13: The Right Way to Cut People Off in Meetings

Chapter 14: Dealing with People Who Derail Meetings

Chapter 15: Refocus a Meeting After Someone Interrupts

Chapter 16: Polite Ways to Decline a Meeting Invitation

Chapter 17: How to Interject in a Meeting

Chapter 18: Stuck in a Meeting from Hell? Here's What to Do

Chapter 19: 7 Ways to Stop a Meeting from Dragging On

Chapter 20: When Your Boss is Terrible at Leading Meetings

Section 4: Close and Follow Up

Chapter 21: The Right Way to End a Meeting

Chapter 22: Don't End a Meeting Without Doing These 3 Things

Section 5: Specific Types of Meetings

Chapter 23: What Everyone Should Know About Running Virtual Meetings

Chapter 24: How to Run a Great Virtual Meeting

Chapter 25: Conduct a Meeting of People from Different Cultures

Chapter 26: Making Global Meetings Work

Chapter 27: Give Your Standing Meetings a Makeover

Chapter 28: How to Do Walking Meetings Right

Chapter 29: Stand-Up Meetings Don't Work for Everybody

Chapter 30: Leadership Summits that Work

Appendix A: Meeting Prep Checklist

Appendix B: Sample Agendas

Appendix C: Meeting Follow-Up Checklist

Appendix D: Sample Follow-Up Memo

Appendix E: Digital Tools to Make Your Next Meeting More Productive

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Last modified 18 May 2022