The principal novelty of the series is that every detail is one hundred percent formalized and machine-checked: the entire text of each volume, including the exercises, is literally a "proof script" for the Coq proof assistant.

The exposition is intended for a broad range of readers, from advanced undergraduates to PhD students and researchers. No specific background in logic or programming languages is assumed, though a degree of mathematical maturity is helpful. A one-semester course can expect to cover Logical Foundations plus most of Programming Language Foundations or Verified Functional Algorithms, or selections from both.

Six parts:
* Logical Foundations (Vol 1) (Download)
* Programming Language Foundations (Vol 2) (Download)
* QuickChick: Property-Based Testing in Coq (Vol 3) (Download)
* Verifiable C (Vol 4) (Download)
* Separation Logic Foundations (Vol 5) (Download)
* Verified Functional Algorithms (Download)

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Last modified 15 February 2024