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Asbestos & open-heart surgery -> ignoring the O-ring -> diagnosing the wrong patient -> where business & psychology collide

Chapter 1: Anatomy of an accident

Taking off at Tenerife -> the oversensitive egg shoppers -> would you like insurance with that? -> so long, Martha's Vineyard
* hidden forces/currents behind some of our decision making:
   * loss aversion (tendency to go to great lengths to avoid possible losses)
   * value attribution (inclination to imbue a person/thing with certain qualities based on an initial perceived value)
   * diagnosis bias (blindness to all evidence that contradicts our initial assessment)

Chapter 2: The swamp of commitment

Playing not to lose -> fun-n-gun -> only the Gators walked out alive -> the $204 twenty-dollar bill -> the end of the Great Society -> "we don't even know where the tunnel is"
* loss aversion + commitment => Vietnam

Chapter 3: The Hobbit & the Missing Link

the real-life Indiana Jones -> the hunt for the missing link -> the Stradivarius on the subway -> what's in a five-cent hot dog, anyway? -> Homer Simpson & Piltdown Man -> can a discount drink decrease IQ? -> Shakespeare was wrong -> a paleontological lineup

Chapter 4: Michael Jordan & the first-rate interview

the curse of the low draft pick -> the "cold" professor -> what lovesick college freshmen have in common w/ HR managers -> when a pretty face equals a higher interest rate -> the "mirror, mirror" effect -> the Joe Friday solution

Chapter 5: The Bipolar Epidemic & the Chameleon Effect

A psychiatric outbreak -> sugar pills & prozac -> tricking Israeli army commanders -> how to sound beautiful -> how old do you feel? -> the love bridge

Chapter 6: In France, the Sun revolves around the Earth

Who wants to trick a millionaire? -> splitting the pie -> sentimental car dealers -> the talking cure for felons & venture capitalists -> russian justice -> the rational machiguenga
* fairness is important in dealings, but fairness is relative to society

Chapter 7: Compensation & cocaine

Switzerland's toxic conundrum -> the GMAT rebels -> the tower of the pleasure center & hijacking altruism -> fast times at "Commie High" -> the anticipation factor
* pleasure center & altruism centers cannot both operate simultaneously
* the anticipation factor drives the addictive behavior & suppresses the altruism center

Chapter 8: dissenting justice

The Supreme Court conference -> peer pressure & coke-bottle glasses -> Ferris Bueler & the blocker -> "we are not focusing ont he name you give to potatoes" -> the captain is not God -> not just thinking out loud -> justice has been served
* Group dynamics: initiator, blocker, supporter, observer
* Power of even just one dissenter to break the tyranny of the majority
* Crew Resource Management (CRM): facts, challenge, action

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Last modified 26 April 2022