"The two mechanisms within Web Storage are as follows:
* sessionStorage maintains a separate storage area for each given origin that's available for the duration of the page session (as long as the browser is open, including page reloads and restores)
* Stores data only for a session, meaning that the data is stored until the browser (or tab) is closed.
* Data is never transferred to the server.
* Storage limit is larger than a cookie (at most 5MB).

These mechanisms are available via the Window.sessionStorage and Window.localStorage properties (to be more precise, in supporting browsers the Window object implements the WindowLocalStorage and WindowSessionStorage objects, which the localStorage and sessionStorage properties hang off) — invoking one of these will create an instance of the Storage object, through which data items can be set, retrieved and removed. A different Storage object is used for the sessionStorage and localStorage for each origin — they function and are controlled separately."


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Last modified 15 May 2020