From Ravenna O:

  1. Supermarket Sales: Historical record of sales data in 3 different supermarkets

  2. Credit Card Fraud Detection: Anonymized credit card transactions labeled as fraudulent or genuine.

  3. FIFA 22 complete player dataset: The datasets provided include the players data for the Career Mode from FIFA 15 to FIFA 22. The data allows multiple comparisons for the same players across the last 8 version of the videogame.

  4. Walmart Store Sales Forecasting: Use historical markdown data to predict store sales.

  5. Netflix Movies and TV Shows: Listings of movies and tv shows on Netflix - Regularly Updated

  6. LinkedIn Data Analyst jobs listings: More than 8400 rows of data analyst jobs from USA, Canada and Africa.

  7. Top 50 Fast-Food Chains in USA: The key features of this Dataset are - Fast-Food Chains, U.S. Systemwide Sales (Millions - U.S Dollars), Average Sales per Unit (Thousands - U.S Dollars), Franchised Stores, Company Stores, 2021 Total Units, Total Change in Units from 2020.

  8. Amazon and Best Buy Electronics: This is a list of over 7,000 online reviews for 50 electronic products from websites like Amazon and Best Buy provided by Datafiniti's Product Database. The dataset includes the review date, source, rating, title, reviewer metadata, and more.

  9. Forecasting Book Sales: Forecast sales of 8 book titles in 2418 locations

  10. Real / Fake Job Posting Prediction: This dataset contains 18K job descriptions out of which about 800 are fake. The data consists of both textual information and meta-information about the jobs. The dataset can be used to create classification models which can learn the job descriptions which are fraudulent.

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Last modified 22 November 2023