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Z-Machine Standard 1.2 (draft) | Z-Machine Standards Document v1.1 | if-resources: Collection of Z-Machine standard document, consisting of Z-Machine Standard Document 1.0, Z-machine Common Save-File Format Standard (Quetzal) v1.3b, IF Resource Collection Format (Blorb) v1.1, and proposal for a Z-Machine Standard v1.1, in one PDF

Learning ZIL

Description of ZIP (the Z-Language Interpreter Program, as per an Infocom internal document)

* Glulx – Similar to the Z-machine, but relieves several legacy limitations
* Inform – A computer language that can produce Z-machine programs
* SCUMM – Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion by LucasArts, a graphical system similar to Z-machine
* TADS – Like Glulx, made to address some of its limitations
* Motorola 68000 series – The base architecture used for virtual machines in Magnetic Scrolls' adventure games

ZILF: A set of tools for working with ZIL, including a compiler, assembler, disassembler, and game library. | ZILF Reference Guide

Zork Implementation Language Facebook group


A modern, highly optimised, open-source Z-machine implementation for the 6502 processor family. It is designed around a virtual memory model, where pages are retrieved on demand from an external storage resource, 512 KB in size, which must be preloaded with the game file.

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