Collection of links about and around hardware.


Apple MacBookPro

Dell XPS17: I'm really hoping Dell doesn't screw these up with their recent slate of changes

System76 laptops: I'm liking the Galaga Pro as a lightweight Linux dev machine


Framework: Replaceable parts? Kinda want to get one just to see how well it holds up.


High Speed Portable SSD

Input Devices

GATERON Mechanical Keyboard


Rent a Mac in the Cloud


"Hacking the reMarkable e-Ink Tablet"

  1. Intro to reMarkable; Motivation; Getting Started; includes links to popular cases (I like the one he calls out in particular)
  2. The reMarkable Hacking Ecosystem
  3. reMarkable.fs: an F# framework (work-in-progress) Source

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Last modified 15 January 2024