"APL doesn’t look anything like the other programming languages you know, and yes, learning APL sure presents a different kind of challenge. If you’re a seasoned (say) Python programmer, and you decide to pick up Ruby, you can reasonably expect to follow code written by others from day 1, and learn enough syntax within a day or two to write code yourself. Sure, it takes a bit longer to find your way around the standard library and learn how to write idiomatic Ruby, but still. If you’ve learned a few languages like that, picking up another represents known and quantifiable effort. ... There will be more initial friction when learning APL – for starters, your keyboard doesn’t even have the squiggly symbols! Having said that, APL is a tiny language – there is negligible amounts of syntax to pick up, and believe it or not, actually quite easy to learn at a superficial level, once you get past the practical barriers." --Learning APL


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Last modified 06 April 2022