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GDL is a domain-specific programming language and a data analysis environment. As a language, it is dynamically-typed, array-oriented, vectorised and has object-oriented programming capabilities. GDL library routines handle numerical calculations, data visualisation, signal/image processing, interaction with host OS and data input/output. GDL supports several data formats such as netCDF, HDF4, HDF5, GRIB, PNG, TIFF, DICOM, etc. Graphical output is handled by X11, PostScript, SVG or z-buffer terminals, the last one allowing output graphics (plots) to be saved in a variety of raster graphics formats. GDL features integrated debugging facilities. The built-in widget functionality enables development of GUI-based software. GDL has also a Python bridge (Python code can be called from GDL; GDL can be compiled as a Python module). Development and maintenance of GDL is carried out targeting Linux, BSD, OSX and Windows (MinGW, Cygwin). Other open-source numerical data analysis tools similar to GDL include SciPy, GNU Octave, Scilab, PDL, NCL, R, Yorick.

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Last modified 04 May 2020