Awesome NLP

NLP Tasks: Great list of links to lots of different NLP "tasks"/things NLP can do. Automated Essay Scoring, Automatic Speech Recognition, Automatic Summarisation, Coreference Resolution, Grammatical Error Correction, Grapheme to Phoneme Conversion, Humor and Sarcasm Detection, Language Grounding, Language Identification, Language Modeling, Lemmatisation, Lip-reading, Machine Translation, Morphological Inflection Generation, Named Entity Disambiguation, Named Entity Recognition, Paraphrase Detection, Paraphrase Generation, Parsing, Part-of-speech Tagging, Pinyin-to-Chinese Conversion, Question Answering, Relationship Extraction, Semantic Role Labeling, Sentence Boundary Disambiguation, Sentiment Analysis, Sign Language Recognition/Translation, Singing Voice Synthesis, Social Science Applications, Source Separation, Speaker Diarisation, Speaker Recognition, Speech Reading, Speech Segmentation, Speech Synthesis, Speech Enhancement, Stemming, Term Extraction, Text Similarity, Text Simplification, Textual Entailment, Transliteration, Voice Conversion, Word Embeddings, Word Prediction, Word Segmentation, Word Sense Disambiguation

NLP in Python with Deep Learning: Python notebooks intended for practitioners to quickly read, skim, select what is useful and then proceeed.

Ultimate Guide to Understand and Implement NLP (in Python)

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Last modified 03 May 2022