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Sencha Tools

Sencha Architect: Build Ext JS applications using drag-and-drop features and spend less time on manual coding.

Sencha Themer: Design customized application themes using graphical tools — without writing code.

IDE and Code Editor Plugins: integrate Sencha frameworks into your enterprise workflow, enabling code completion, inspection, generation, navigation, refactoring and more.

ExtGen: a node based cross-platform command line tool that provides multiple modes for application generation.

ExtBuild: a new node based tool to build Ext JS applications that currently uses Sencha Cmd and Google Closure compiler for building and transpiling Ext JS applications.

Sencha Fiddle: a free tool that allows you to try Ext JS code in your browser without downloading or installing anything. You can easily share your Ext JS code by saving and sharing fiddle URLs.

Sencha Cmd: A full set of lifecycle management features including scaffolding, code minification, transpilation from ES6, dynamic package loading, build generation for PWAs and more.

Inspector: Debugging tool that provides direct access to components, classes, objects, and more for apps built using Sencha frameworks.

Sencha Stencils: a complete UI asset kit for Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Balsamiq and is also available as SVG/PNG for use with other programs.

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Last modified 24 April 2022