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Uses extensions for VSCode or Atom as its IDE. There is also a CLI (npm install titanium -g) available.

The Titanium SDK supports two project types: Alloy and Classic. Alloy is an MVC framework that lets you develop applications in less time and with less code than is possible in a Classic project. In general, it's recommended you use Alloy for your projects.

Example code from tutorial:

    <Window class="container">
        <Label id="label" onClick="doClick">Hello, Titanium</Label>

Uses XML as its visual layout (replacement for HTML, similar in spirit to XAML, sort of), and Javascript as its event-handling/programmatic support language, and "TSS" (a variant of CSS) for styling and visual organization. Renders on both iOS and Android, so it's a single-source/multi-deliverable tool.

Tags: presentation   mobile  

Last modified 10 May 2022