Why Functional Programming Matters by John Hughes | What Functional Programming Is, What it Isn't, and Why it Matters by Noel Welsh

Functional Programming for the Rest of Us

Lambda calculus (Wikipedia)

From imperative programming to functional programming (uses Rascal-MPL for implementation examples)

Pure-functional languages are those that have no side effects permitted (except under very specific circumstances, to allow for things like I/O to happen). Impure functional languages allow state modification to happen (under constraints) and thus often avoid the gyrations to which pure functional languages need to go, such as monads.

David Turner Some History of Functional Programming Languages, Proceedings TFP 2012, Springer LNCS 7829:1--20.

Philip Wadler A critique of Abelson and Sussman or why calculating is better than scheming, SIGPLAN Notices 22(3):83-94, March 1987

Collection of readings: "This page lists various writings from Gitter, Reddit or Github, in their raw form."

"This is not a monad tutorial"



Haskell Programming from first principles with book examples in Frege | Real-World Haskell | Learn you a Haskell | Programming in Haskell


Erik Meijer (13 videos)

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