(by D Michael Abrashoff; ISBN 978-0-446-53553-3)

Lead by example; listen aggressively; communicate purpose and meaning; create a climate of trust; look for results, not salutes; take calculated risks; go beyond standard operating procedures; build up your people; generate unity; improve your people's quality of life.


Military has employee retention/training issues: "In recent years, nearly 40%, or almost 80,000, of the 200,000 people who join the military annually, won't complete their enlistment contract. ... Of those who do complete their first hitch, a very small percentage will reenlist. ... Worse yet, the best talents are the first to leave. ... [I]t takes $35,000 to recruit a trainee and tens of thousands more in additional training costs to get new personnel to the basic level of proficiency."

"What all leaders have in common is the challenge of getting the most out of our crew, which depends on three variables: the leader's needs, the organization's atmosphere, and the crew's potential compliance."

"Hard experience has taught me that real leadership is about understanding yourself first, then using that to create a superb organization. Leaders must free their subordinates to fulfill their talents to the utmost. However, most obstacles that limit people's potential are set in motion by the leader and are rooted in her/her own fears, ego needs, and unproductive habits. When leaders explore deep within their thoughts and feelings in order to understand themselves, a transformation can take shape."

"Leaders must be willing to put the ship's performance ahead of their egos. ... The command-and-control approach is far from the most efficient way to tap people's intelligence and skills. To the contrary, I found that the more control I gave up, the more command I got."

1: Take Command

2: Learn Real Leadership

3: Lead by Example

4: Listen Aggressively

5: Communicate Purpose and Meaning

6: Create a Climate of Trust

7: Look for Results, Not Salutes

8: Take Calculated Risks

9: Go Beyond Standard Operating Procedures

10: Build Up Your People

11: Generate Unity

12: Improve your People's Quality of Life

13: Life After Benfold

Epilogue: Out of Uniform

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Last modified 06 April 2022