(by Fogelberg, ISBN 9780190689216)

Section 1: Setting the Meeting Stage

Chapter 1: So Many Meetings and So Much Frustration

Chapter 2: Get Rid of Meetings? No, Solve Meetings through Science

Section 2: Evidence-Based Strategies for Leaders

Chapter 3: The Image in the Mirror is Likely Wrong

Chapter 4: Meet for Forty-Eight Minutes

Chapter 5: Agendas Are a Hollow Crutch

Chapter 6: The Bigger, the Badder

Chapter 7: Don't Get Too Comfortable in That Chair

Chapter 8: Deflate Negative Energy from the Start

Chapter 9: No More Talking!

Chapter 10: The Folly of the Remote Call-in Meeting

Chapter 11: Putting It All Together

Epilogue: Trying to Get Ahead of the Science--Using Science


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Last modified 14 April 2023