Apple Open-Source

The Programming Languages Laboratory at Johns Hopkins: Variety of inactive projects and papers, including BigBang, TinyBang, FeatherweightJava (FJ), and a few more. Most only of interest for background research.

Jeremy Morgan's website: Lots of Linux-related articles, tutorials, tutorials, courses (on Pluralsight), videos, podcast, and live streams. makes books, information, and software for Atari and other classic computers available on the Web.


Code Catalog: A Collection of Code Examples from Prominent Open Source Projects (HTML)

Free Smalltalk Books, collected by Stéphane Ducasse | Stef's Free Online Smalltalk Books

Free Tech Books

Goalkicker - Programming Notes for Professionals books

IBM Redbooks

InfoQ Minibooks

InTech: Computer and Information Science

JSBooks - directory of free javascript ebooks

Killed by Microsoft: A collection of all the projects Microsoft has killed over its lifetime

Learneroo Resources to Learn Programming

The Lost Ways of Programming: Commodore 64 BASIC: Interactive article showing the REPL-istic nature of the Commodore64's BASIC shell. (Apple ][+ BASIC shell was basically much the same way.) "I believe that how we interact with a programming environment when programming is more important than the specific programming language that we are using. This has never been widely studied and we have interesting things to learn from past systems, including Commodore 64 BASIC. We should look at the history and recreate past programming experiences in order to learn from them, following a method that a historian of science, Hasok Chang, calls complementary science. Reading about interactions is not enough. To get a sense of how the interaction worked, you need to experience it yourself, at least in a limited form. This is best done with an interactive article."

Microsoft Guides to Software

Microsoft Press: Free E-Books

Microsoft Technologies 1, including books on Windows Azure, SharePoint, Visual Studio Guide, Windows phone development,, Office365, etc. collection by Eric Ligman

Microsoft Technologies 2, including books on Windows Azure, SharePoint, Visual Studio Guide, Windows phone development,, etc. collection by Eric Ligman

O'Reilly's Open Books Project

Papers we love

Pixabay: Free images, videos, and music you can use anywhere. (Requires sign-up)

Programming - Wikibooks

Red Gate Books

Rip Tutorials



MalwareSourceCode: Git repo filled with the source code for malware for a variety of different languages and platforms.

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