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Source repositories for various parts of the CLR platform:

There used to be multiple CLR implementations, but all have more or less fallen into disuse and disrepair. .NET Core (CoreCLR) and the Windows CLR are the only ones left standing, though Mono is technically still a "thing" with its incorporation as part of Microsoft it's hard to see how it will remain independent of the CoreCLR for long. See the CoreCLR VM page for implementation details.

.NET Micro Framework Interpreter; part of a larger set of NETMF repos that includes an (old?) set of LLVM bindings for .NET which has since moved to Ubiquity.NET

Ubiquity.NET: Building .NET support for ubiquitous computing devices


Open-source CLR Instrumentation Engine (and on Github)

.NET Memory Performance Analysis; part of a larger document about .NET memory analysis and diagnostics

Infographics: Collection of "isn't this surprising" infographics about .NET


PowerUp: Decompilation Tools and High Productivity Utilities. The purpose of this library is to provide productivity utilities and tools such as: Live IDE Watcher. JIT Dissasembler. IL Compiler. Quick Benchmark. Console with rich formatting.

realmon: A monitoring tool that tells you when GCs happen in a process and some characteristics about these GCs

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Last modified 06 April 2022