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Several sub-projects:
* Reactor Core: A Reactive Streams foundation for Java 8
* Reactor Test: Test utilities
* Reactor Extra: Additional operators for Flux
* Reactor Netty: HTTP, TCP, UDP Clients/Servers using Netty
* Reactor Adapter: Adapt to/from other reactive libraries
* Reactor Kafka: Reactive bridge to Apache Kafka
* Reactor Kotlin Extensions: Kotlin extensions for all Java artifacts in Dysprosium+
* Reactor RabbitMQ: Reactive bridge to RabbitMQ
* Reactor Pool: Generic object pool for reactive applications
* Reactor Core.NET: Incubating Reactive Streams foundation for .NET
* Reactor CoreJS: Incubating Reactive Streams foundation for JavaScript

Tags: platform   functional   jvm  

Last modified 01 August 2021