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Generally the preferred way to get started is with a starter template

"helloworld" starter app instructions:

curl | jar xv
cd isis-app-helloworld-2.0.0-M3

mvn clean install
mvn spring-boot:run

"simpleapp" more structured start app instructions:

curl | jar xv
cd isis-app-simpleapp-2.0.0-M3

mvn clean install
mvn -pl webapp spring-boot:run

An example/demo app is available via Docker:

docker pull apacheisis/demo-springboot:latest
docker run \
        --name demo \
        --detach \
        -p8080:8080 \

... and then accessible at http://localhost:8080/wicket/ ; login with "sven"/"pass".

See also: Restful Objects


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Last modified 01 July 2021