Complex event processing (CEP) delivers high-speed processing of many events across all the layers of an organization, identifying the most meaningful events within the event cloud, analyzing their impact, and taking subsequent action in real time (source:Wikipedia).

Esper offers a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for processing events. The Event Processing Language (EPL) is a declarative language for dealing with high frequency time-based event data. EPL is compliant to the SQL-92 standard and extended for analyzing series of events and in respect to time.

Some typical examples of applications are:

What these applications have in common is the requirement to process events (or messages) in real-time or near real-time. This is sometimes referred to as complex event processing (CEP) and event series analysis. Key considerations for these types of applications are throughput, latency and the complexity of the logic required.

The EPL compiler and runtime were designed to make it easier to build and extend CEP applications.

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Last modified 10 May 2020