(by Joanna Rothman and Esther Derby; ISBN 0-9766940-2-6)

Week 1: Learning about the People and the Work

Week 2: Bringing order to the chaos

Week 3: Building the team

Week 4: Managing day by day

Week 5: Discovering lurking problems

Week 6: Building capability

Week 7: Dealing with corporate realities

Techniques for practicing Great Management

  1. Guidelines for effective coaching
  2. Setup for successful delegation
  3. Facilitation essentials for managers
  4. Guide to giving effective feedback
  5. Welcoming new hires
  6. Setting SMART goals
  7. What goes on inside our heads
  8. Manage by walking around and listening
  9. Run effective meetings
  10. Making one-on-ones work
  11. Preparing for influence
  12. Solving problems: Create new situations
  13. Project portfolio planning tips

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Last modified 06 April 2022