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"My parents are dead. What now?"


Paperlist: Read and share research papers

25 years of Personal Knowledge Management:

POSSE: Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere: The better approach to social media, IMHO.

Write, Think, Learn: "How to/reading. Write more clearly; Think more clearly; Learn more easily -- My central claim: These are connected!"

A key paper to read before reading any academic papers:

The Sound of Sorting: demo program for sortings algorithms, which both visualizes the algorithms internals and their operations, and generates sound effects from the values being compared.

The Joy of Computer History Books: A collection of the author's favorite books on computer industry history. (TODO: Go through here, extract the book links, put them on a to-read list.)

"A cultural universal is an element, pattern, or trait that is common to all known human cultures worldwide. These include: Personal names, sexual jealousy, music, dance, proverbs, and poetry." --UberFacts

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