Graphical User Interface Programming, by Brad Meyers, CMU (circa 2003 but still an interesting overview--not sure much has changed in two decades on this subject)

Project LightSpeed: "... using the native OS wherever possible, reusing the UI with dynamic templates powered by SQLite, using SQLite as a universal system, and building a server broker to operate as a universal gateway between Messenger and its server features." In many respects, sounds like part of what they did was adopt a partial Naked Objects-like approach to their UI, storing the UI description in data and building that UI at runtime.

"The Balance has Shifted Away from SPAs"

ECMA Report on User Interface Taxonomy (June 1992): Interesting high-level overview of different ideas around user interface and a taxonomy of that space:

Miscellaneous reading

"How to Draw S-Curved Arrows"

"Have SPAs ruined the Web?"

Event-Driven GTK by Example — 2021 Edition - Michael Murphy

Programming with gtkmm 4

Search User Interfaces - Marti A. Hearst

The GLib/GTK+ Development Platform - Sébastien Wilmet (PDF)

Web Design Primer - Richard Adams, Ahmed Sagarwala

Web Style Guide Online - Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton

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