Graphical User Interface Programming, by Brad Meyers, CMU (circa 2003 but still an interesting overview--not sure much has changed in two decades on this subject)

Project LightSpeed: "... using the native OS wherever possible, reusing the UI with dynamic templates powered by SQLite, using SQLite as a universal system, and building a server broker to operate as a universal gateway between Messenger and its server features." In many respects, sounds like part of what they did was adopt a partial Naked Objects-like approach to their UI, storing the UI description in data and building that UI at runtime.

"The Balance has Shifted Away from SPAs"

"A Whole Website in a Single JavaScript File"

Repositories for graphics:

ECMA Report on User Interface Taxonomy (June 1992): Interesting high-level overview of different ideas around user interface and a taxonomy of that space:

Miscellaneous reading

"How to Draw S-Curved Arrows"

"Have SPAs ruined the Web?"

Event-Driven GTK by Example — 2021 Edition - Michael Murphy

Programming with gtkmm 4

Search User Interfaces - Marti A. Hearst

The GLib/GTK+ Development Platform - Sébastien Wilmet (PDF)

Web Design Primer - Richard Adams, Ahmed Sagarwala

Web Style Guide Online - Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton

Visual design rules you can safely follow every time

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