Because apparently this is now "a thing" among serious programmers....

[1803.05316] Seven Sketches in Compositionality: An Invitation to Applied Category Theory [Mar 2018]

What’s neat is that no prior knowledge of category theory is assumed! They write for a broad audience: motivated HS students, machine learning researchers, retired programmers, pure math’ns…, & each ch. is based on real-world topics like electrical circuits and control theory. I love what they share in the Preface: “The motto at MIT is ‘mens et manus,’ Latin for ‘mind and hand.’ We believe that category theory—and pure math in general—has stayed in the realm of mind for too long; it is ripe to be brought to hand.” – via Twitter

Category Theory in 10 Minutes | Why Category Theory Matters | Category Theory Basics, Part I | Notebook on category theory at nLab | Category Theory for Scientists by David Spivak. | Category Theory for the sciences (book) by David Spivak. | Category Theory - a gentle introduction (PDF) by Peter Smith of Cambridge university. 171 pages. | Pragammatic Reading guide via this reddit thread. | CT 2015 conf | Reading lists | Yoneda, Currying, and Fusion; Dec 2018.

Bartosz Milewski: Category Theory for Programmers

"With Category Theory, Mathematics Escapes from Equality": "Two monumental works have led many mathematicians to avoid the equal sign. Their goal: Rebuild the foundations of the discipline upon the looser relationship of “equivalence.” The process has not always gone smoothly."

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