(by Paula LaRocque)

Section One: Writing Mechanics

Chapter 1: Keep Sentences Short, Varied, and to One Main Idea

Chapter 2: Avoid Pretensions, Gobbledygook, and Euphemisms

Chapter 3: Change Long and Difficult Words to Short and Simple Words

Chapter 4: Be Wary of Jargon, Fad, and Cliché

Chapter 5: Use the Right Word

Chapter 6: Avoid Beginning With Long Dependent Phrases

Chapter 7: Prefer Active Verbs and the Active Voice

Chapter 8: Cut Wordiness

Chapter 9: Avoid Vague Qualifiers

Chapter 10: Prune Prepositions

Chapter 11: Limit Number and Symbol

Chapter 12: Get Right to the Point. And Stay There.

Section Two: Storytelling Devices

Chapter 20: Write Fast, Edit Slow

Chapter 21: Speedbumps

Chapter 22: Logic and Speedy Reading

Section Three: A Handbook

Chapter 23: A Brief (But Not Necessarily Easy) Quiz

Chapter 24: Dispelling the Myths

Chapter 25: Style Guide

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Last modified 18 April 2022