(by Heidi Grant Halvorson)

Chap 1: You are Surprisingly Hard to Understand

Chap 2: Your Observers are Cognitive Misers (and So Are You)

Chap 3: The Two Phases of Perceiving People

Phase 1 of Perception

Phase 2 of Perception

Chap 4: The Trust Lens

Chap 5: The Power Lens

Chap 6: The Ego Lens

Chap 7: Eager Reward-Seekers and Vigilant Risk-Mitigators

Chap 8: The Clingy, Anxious Perceiver and the Aloof, Avoidant Perceiver

Chap 9: Correcting Bad Impressions and Overcoming Misunderstandings

Concl: Becoming a Better Judge of Others--and of Yourself

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Last modified 18 April 2022